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You have chosen to join the likes of so many couples who have endeavoured to connect on a deeper, more energetic level through our one-of-a-kind aphrodisiac chocolates.

In order to optimize your experience


Eat healthy foods and drink extra water on the day of the experience.


Partake of the chocolates on a totally empty stomach. (You can eat after you start feeling the effects)


Create an intentional space. Set the scene. Light candles. Play music.



Don’t eat the chocolates in conjunction with blood pressure or anti-depression medicines.


Serving size: 1 chocolate piece per person. Feel free to boost your experience by eating another chocolate piece after one hour. Do not exceed two chocolates per person in a 24 hour period.


Do not drive after eating the chocolates.


Do not mix with illegal drugs.


It takes approximately 30 minutes to take effect.

Choose Your Own


We feel Date Nights should never be dull. That’s why there are countless ways to enjoy Fire Chocolates™ — where each experience is its own intimate adventure for you to explore together.


Date night recipe #1

‘Sensual Sparks’

Our classic date night recipe, that’s simple and sweet. Indulge in one chocolate each, feel your senses heighten, and let sensual sparks fly in highly-connected sex*


Date night recipe #2

‘Swirling & Spicy’

Want to spice up your night even more? Add a glass of wine into the mix and let your senses swirl and soar in an explosion of passion and lust*


date night recipe #3

‘Supernova Sex’

Enjoy a bit of legal green with your chocolates and experience ethereal intimacy and cloud-like sex that will have you floating in a multi-dimensional realm of euphoric bliss!*

Ready for 


From the first bite to the first kiss, your journey to peak pleasure awaits. Let the sparks fly...